Anti-Couperose Cream Mask

Anti-Couperose Cream Mask

Volume: 100 ml

Consumption: 2 ml

Active Components: esculin, rutin, troxerutin, walnut oil, macadamia, chestnut extracts, hops, witch hazel, cumin, complex biominerals.

Category: Care for sensitive skin with couperose

Cream-mask is particularly recommended for delicate, red, sensitive skin with rosacea. It contains walnut oil and calendula that restore, moisturize and soften sensitive skin. Horse chestnut extract, rutin and escin are perfect for mature sensitive skin with rosacea symptoms, soothe irritation and redness. It improves the condition of blood vessels and blood circulation, reduces the permeability of cell walls. It accelerates cellular regeneration, regulates metabolism, reduces the trans-epidermal water loss and sensitivity to external stimuli.

Apply morning or evening on the face. Do not rinse.