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Azelaic Peel

Azelaic Peel pH 4.3

Azelaic Peel - dicarboxylic acid that possesses sebum regulating, keratolytic, bacteriostatic action. Suppresses activity of a tyrosinase that reduces production of melanin melanocytes. It is recommended for patients with an acne, rosacea, a hyperkeratosis, a hyperpegmentation, post-inflammatory, the ingrown hair, folliculites.

Application: clear your skin with milk and tonic according to your skin-type. Wipe a face with tonic with ANA-acids. Put thin layer of the gel on all face. Time of an exposition is 25–30 minutes. Then wash away with water and put the abirritating mask. During prepeeling preparation use the moisturizing cream with ANA, and during the post-peeling period apply the moisturizing Serum and sunblock cream with SPF 30. Frequency of application – once in 1-2 weeks, the recommended course – 5–12 procedures. For treatment of the grown hair the exposition is 20–30 minutes under membrane.

Consumption: 2 ml

Active ingredients: Water-Water, azelaic acid-Azelaic Acid, Green Tea Extract-Thea Sinensis Extract, Aloe-Aloe, Lactic Acid-Lactic acid, citric-citric Acid, Glycolic Acid-Glycolic acid.