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Regenerating cream with AHA

Regenerating AНA cream

The unique formula of cream contains a multivitamin complex which in combination with a glycolic acid activates metabolic processes, restores a skin metabolism, accelerates cell renewal. Pentavitin -is the newest development of the Swiss scientists which restores hydro-lipid balance, moisturizes. Azulene, an allantoin and green tea calms and soften a skin. Is suitable for skin of all types, especially for withering, tired, and also for a sensitive and oily skin with the couperose. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and keratolytic action.

Application: Cream is included into the program of pre peeling preparation. It is applied on a skin as the final stage of anti-age procedure or procedure of treatment of an acne. It is especially effective to the mature skin demanding updating at home care, use before going to sleep. It is obligatory to use sunblock cream in the afternoon.

Consumption: 0,5 ml

Active ingredients: green tea extract, tea tree oil, shea butter, grape seed oil, pentavitin, azulene, tamanu oil, glycolic acid, allantoin, panthenol, Aethylium panthenol, mango oil, vitamin C, Acidum ascorbinicum, B6 vitamin, sezam oil, Glycerinum, allantoin, blackcurrant oil, lactic acid, aloe extract, citric acid, Nicotinamidum, sodium hyalrunate, sodium Salicylas, squalane.