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Gel Peels AHA 30%

Gel Peel AHA 30 % pH2.4

Gel smoothes and rejuvenates skin, clarifies pigmentation spots and planes complexion. It has soft peeling and bleaching effect on a skin, activates restoration of cells and an intercellular exchange. Perfectly stimulates synthesis of a collagen, elastin, fibronectin. Prevents and eliminates a skin hyper keratinization, has favorable effect on blood vessels. Promotes penetration of nutrients of a cosmetic preparation into deep layers of a skin.

Consumption: on one week earlier to a peeling do prepeeling preparation with cosmetics containing ANA-acids – the moisturizing cream with ANA-acids. Clear your skin with milk and tonic according to your skin-type. Wipe a face with the tonic with ANA-acids. Put a thin layer of gel on all face. Exposition time is 5–10 minutes. Then wash away water and put the abirritating mask after peelings and cleanings. During the post-peeling period use the moisturizing Serum and sunblock cream with SPF 30. Frequency of application – once in 1-3 weeks, the recommended course – 4–10 procedures.

Consumption: 2 ml

Active ingredients: apple, wine, milk, lemon, glykolic acids, allantoin, azulene.

Ingredients: lactic асid, glycolic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, allantoin, chamomile azulene, xanthan gum.