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АНА Tonic Lotion

AHA Tonic Lotion ph 3.8

Tonic with fruit acids possesses soft keratolytic action, effectively clears skin and prepares it for applying professional cosmetics. Activates processes of cells epidermis renewal, stimulates synthesis of a collagen, elastin, fibronectin, improves complexion, cleans pores, strengthens action of the subsequent procedures. It is suitable for any type of a skin.

Application: it is recommended to apply as the soft exfoliation (deep purification) before any procedure, especially anti-aging. After purification of a skin according to its type (milk, tonic) wipe a face by wadded disk. The pricking or a tingling of a skin is possible. Tonic is prescribed as prepeeling preparation and for the supporting care between procedures. In the period of solar activity use a preparation in the evening, and apply protective cream with SPF 30 in the afternoon.

Consumption: 1.5 ml

Active ingredients: milk, citric, glycolic, malic, tartaric acids, allantoin, azulene.