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АНА Tonic Lotion

AHA Tonic Lotion ph 3.8

Tonic with fruit acids possesses soft keratolytic action, effectively clears skin and prepares it for applying professional cosmetics. Activates processes of cells epidermis renewal, stimulates synthesis of a collagen, elastin, fibronectin, improves complexion, cleans ...

Regenerating cream with AHA

Regenerating AНA cream

The unique formula of cream contains a multivitamin complex which in combination with a glycolic acid activates metabolic processes, restores a skin metabolism, accelerates cell renewal. Pentavitin -is the newest development of the Swiss scientists which restores hydro-lipid balance, ...

Gel Peels AHA 30%

Gel Peel AHA 30 % pH2.4

Gel smoothes and rejuvenates skin, clarifies pigmentation spots and planes complexion. It has soft peeling and bleaching effect on a skin, activates restoration of cells and an intercellular exchange. Perfectly stimulates synthesis of a collagen, elastin, fibronectin. Prevents and eliminates a ...