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Mask - gel Hydration Intensive

Mask-Gel Hydrating Intensive

The mask gel is intended for a cold steaming and a malaxate of a cornual layer of an epidermis. It promotes removing of cornual plugs and dermal fat in pores, dissolves comedones, facilitates excision of acnes. It prepares your skin for different types of cleaning (mechanical, ultrasonic and vacuum) without thermal effect. The cold steaming is followed by antiseptic action that blocks formation of new inflammatory elements. Prevents formation of cicatrixes, scars of a post-acne and congestive maculae in places of inflammatory elements. It is universal cosmetic for care of any type of a skin.

Application: after purification of the skin put the thick layer of mask gel on all face. For intensifying of effect it is desirable to cover the face with a wet compress (fliseline strips), exposition time – 10–15 min. After that begin cleaning, taking out the Membranula only from the processed area of the face. After excision of pustules and comedones process a skin with anti-inflammatory tonic ""The tea tree"" locally.

Consumption: 10 ml

Active ingredients: water, allantoin, aloe, urea, hyaluronic acid, camphora, vitamin E, green tea extract, lactic acid.