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Tonic Lotion «Melaleuca alternifolia»

Tonic Lotion «Melaleuca altemifolia» ph 5.5

The clearing tonic is for an oily skin with an acne. Effectively cleans skin surface and excess of a dermal sebum, has the soft peeling action. Renders the expressed anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and antiseptic action for shading of pustules and excision of comedones, protects from formation of inflammatory processes. Chlorophyll derivatives which are contained in a lavender, possess all-tonic action, strengthen a metabolism, eliminate an angiostaxis and promote an incarnation of wounds. Salicylic and boric acids block an inflammation, destroy bacteria, removes devitalized cells of a skin, dry, disinfect and reduce greasiness level.

Application: after purification skin by a milk for an oily skin, wipe a face by wadded disk moistened in tonic for a problem skin.

Consumption: 1,5 ml

Active ingredients: extracts of a camomile, calendula, oil of a tea tree, salicylic, boric, citric acids, lavender, natrii salicylas, allantoin.