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Mild skin cleansing

Mild Skin Cleanser ph 7.5

Gently cleans skin surface of any sort (excess of a dermal sebum, a make-up, a mud), without interrupting of lipide balance of a skin. Normalizes activity of sebaceous glands, takes out irritations, possesses antibacterial action. Deeply clears, tones up and moisturizes skin.

Application: it is for purification of oily, combined skin, and also a skin with an acne. Wipe your face with agent by wadded disk before any procedure. Finish purification by tonic according to type of your skin.

Consumption: 1ml.

Active ingredients: essential grapefruit oil, extracts of aloe, green tea, fetuses of a chestnut, tea tree, celandine, camomile, сalendula, neetle, birch kidneys, cortices of a willow, drill, olive oil.