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Problem Skin Treatment Mask «Antiseptic»

Problem Skin Treatment Mask «Antiseptic»

The creamy mask deeply cleans pores, takes out an irritations, has keratolytic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. Promotes evacuation of comedones, adsorbs sebum, makes skin smoother and take the gloss off, improves complexion. Regulates fatty balance of a skin, has disinfectant and tonic impact. Improves metabolic processes in skin cells, promotes their accelerated updating, normalization of an oxygen and fatty acid metabolism, tightening of pores, an incarnation of fine wounds.

Application: apply mask on previously cleared skin with a layer of 2-3 mm. Exposition time – 15-20 min. Take out the remains of a mask with the cotton plug moistened with cool water or tonic. After that put a phytoconcentrate for a problem skin.

Consumption: 5 ml

Active ingredients: white clay (Kaolinum), plantain extracts, glycyrrhiza, lichen, besieged brimstone, yeast extract, Acidum salicylicum, beta Carotinum (vitamin A), Zincum oxide, grape seed oil, sodium Salicylas, phenazone, tea tree oil, an allantoin.