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Phytoconcentrate for Oily Skin

Phytoconcentrate for Oily Skin

The concentrate is especially suitable for an oily and problem skin. It possesses antibacterial and wound healing action, it is effective during the reddenings and inflammations. Restores natural balance of a microflora of a skin, stimulates synthesis of young cells. The unique multi-stage production technology of extract allows to take a maximum of bioactives from a herb. Cortex of a white willow extract regulates work of sebaceous glands. Birch kidneys extract, neetles extract and a celandine extract render the knitting, softening, abirritating, disinfectant action, improve a circulation and complexion. Tea tree extract, green tea and a camomile extracts moisturize, soften, abirritate and support acid-base balance of a oily skin. The  strengthens vessels and clarifies complexion.

Application: apply on the cleared skin before or after a mask for treatment of a problem skin. Don`t wash away.

Consumption: 1 ml

Active ingredients: green tea extract, fetuses of aesculus extracts, tea tree extracts, celandine, camomile, Calendulae, neetle, birch kidneys, willow cortices extracts, glycerol.