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Restoring cream with carotene

Repairing Carotene Cream

Cream is intended for a normal and a dry skin care,  for sensitive, dehydrated, inclined to an inflammation and skin irritation. Possesses the regenerating and healing properties, effectively humidifies a skin, takes out reddening and an ecdysis, smoothes down a sensitive skin. Reduces fragility of capillaries, strengthens walls of vessels because of Rutinum. Eliminates signs of withering of a skin, enriches it with nutrients, protects eeppidermis skin cells from a deaquation, filling shortage of moisture, normalizes metabolic processes. Possesses the strongest antioxidatic activity because of the natural vitamin A (beta Carotinum) which is a part of cream, E and to sea-buckthorn oil.

Application: apply a small amount of cream in the morning and in the evening on the cleared face skin and necks and a decollete area.

Consumption: 1 ml

Active ingredients: Water, Butyrospermum parkii, Grape Seed Oil, Thea Sinensis Extract,  sea buckthorn oil,  Black seed oil, Sorbitan Olivate,  Sesamum indicum, Cetearyl Olivаte, beta-carotene, Allantoin, glycerin,  Pentavitin®, Lanolyn, D-Panthenol, Benzoic Acid, Sorbic Acid, Fragrance.