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Rejuvenating Mask "Instant Beauty»

Rejuvenating Mask "Instant Beauty"

The mask feeds, wets and tightens face skin. Cereal proteins have the tightening effect on structure of tissues of a skin, preventing premature emergence of wrinkles and aging of a skin. The result is visible after the first application. The skin is smoothed, becomes velvet, and complexion becomes smooth and shining.

Application: The mask is recommended for any type of a skin. Put a thick layer of it on a face and on an area of a décolletage for 15–20 minutes. Rest of the mask wash away with warm water.

Consumption: 5 ml

Active ingredients: Kaolinum, extract of a centella asiatica, proteins of rice, proteins of wheat, shea butter, cognac mannan, laminaria extract, hyaluronic acid, allantoin.