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Regenerating RETINOL cream

Regenerating RETINOL cream

The unique composition of cream allows to get rid completely of mimic folds, to reduce expression deep considerably, to remove fresh and old cicatrixes and post-acne, to smooth a relief of the skin and skin color.
Carefully moisturizes, reduces dryness and a roughness, improves quality of a skin. Prevents damage of cells, protecting a skin from external aggressions. Possesses the prolonged action and at the same time yields fast visible result of a rejuvenescence.

Application: Cream is intended for use in various saloon procedures and at home care for skin of all types. Put a small amount of cream on a face in the evening. In the afternoon use of preparations with SPF protection is recommended.

Consumption: 1 ml

Active ingredients: shea butter, grape seed oil, currant oil, proteins of wheat, proteins of rice, proteins of oats, proteins of soy, pomegranate extract, vitamin C, retinyl palmitate, Retinol acetat, Acidum Folicum, phytogenesis squalane.