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Lifting Serum

Lifting Serum

Restores an energy potential of cells, stimulates metabolic processes. Cereal proteins have the tightening effect (lifting) on structure of tissues of a skin, prevents premature wrinkles and aging of a skin. Restores integrity of a lipids barrier of epidermis. Eliminates mimic wrinkles and smoothes deep folds. The texture of Serum changes appearance of a skin, gives it amazing shine and velvet, the delightful and instantly expressed result.

Application: It is applied on a skin as the final stage of anti-aging procedure. In home care daily application in the morning.

Consumption: 0,5 ml

Active ingredients: pomegranate extract, black caraway seed oil, sezam oil,  grape seed oil, wheat proteins, rice proteins, oats proteins, soy proteins, collagen, vitamins A, E, vitamin C, glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), Adenosine triphosphate acid - ATP, shea butter, aloe extract, hyaluronic acid, B3 vitamin, squalane, glycolic acid, lactic acid, sodium hyalrunate.