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Intensive nourishing cream Matrixyl

Intensive nourishing Matrixyl cream

The cream, that contains active components, effectively restores, nourishes and moisturizes skin. Matrixyl is the most modern and safe method of struggling against folds. It smoothes the existing folds and prevents premature emergence of new one. Cream is enriched with vitamins with A, F and E which play an important role in the metabolic processes proceeding in a skin, they provide antioxidative protection of a skin, preventing its premature aging.

Application: use daily in the evening on the cleared face skin.

Consumption: 1,5 ml

Active ingredients: shea butter, peach ossicles oil, cornflower extract, Calendulaes absolute, matrixyl, vitamin A, E, F.

Ingredients: water, aloe vera, butyrospermum parkii-shea butter, grape seed oil, isopropyl myristate, triglycerides of linoleic, linilenic and arachidon icacids.