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Firming serum for the face, neck and decollete

Firming serum for the face, neck and decollete

The strengthening Serum of complex action raises a turgor pressure and an elasticity of the withering skin. Rice germs oil is the potent rejuvenating agent named Phytoestrogen.
DMAE in combination with alpha lipoic acid strengthens structure, restores a face contour, provides the lasting rejuvenating effect. Restores a skin relief, harmonizes features, promotes the expressed lifting. The Omega-3 and and Omega-6 irreplaceable acids participate in creation of cellular membranes and a lipid barrier of an epidermis, reduces sensitivity of a skin.

Consumption: 1 ml

Active ingredients: rice germs oil, laminaria extract, aloe vera, ginseng extract, triglycerides of linolenic, linolenic and arachidonic acids, DMAE, alpha lipoic acid, green coffee grains oil, dog rose oil, grapes extract, lecithine, sea-buckthorn oil, squalane.